Moab Mountain Mashup

Self Supported Bikepacking route connecting the Henrys, Abajos, and La Sal Mountains.  Starting in Moab Utah, it will circumnavigate the largest peaks in these three mountain ranges.   The route will include mountain bike singletrack, motorcycle tracks, 4*4 roads, and very little pavement.   There will also  be lots of sand, along with lots of climbing.   I believe the best bike for this event will be a 29+  such as the Surly Kampus.  I would not be surprised if someone could post the fastest time on a smaller tire, but they would also walk more.   Want to ride all the sand?  Bring  a Fatbike.  But remember, you will also be doing some big climbs.

This is an not an organized or sanctioned event .  All that is provided is a GPS file to follow the course, and a suggested time to ride it with others.    Self supported times will be noted on this site.

GPS file is on its way, but may not be finalized until the snow melts at the high elevations.

This years group start will be September 20th 2014.

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Photos from the route.


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